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Which Fat Reduction Treatment Is Right for Me?

woman-looking-in-mirrorMany men and women struggle with stubborn pockets of fat around their body. Even with a healthy diet and strict exercise regimen, excess fat can often remain in trouble areas like your neckline, abdomen, flanks, and thighs. At Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC, Dr. Steven Yarinsky offers a variety of fat reduction treatments that can help patients contour these areas for a slimmer, more toned-looking physique. You can achieve a more balanced figure with use of some or all of these options:

Dr. Yarinsky emphasizes that fat reduction techniques like truSculpt® iD and liposuction are not intended for significant weight loss, and therefore are not a treatment for obesity. Rather, they are designed to target and reduce specific areas of excess fat for a smoother, more lean body shape.

To determine if you are a good candidate for one or more of these fat-busting solutions, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Yarinsky, and he will help you find the most appropriate treatment for your physical needs and aesthetic concerns.

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