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Endermologie® for Non-Surgical Skin Lifting/Tightening & Cellulite Reduction

Endermologie® is a non-invasive face and body treatment that can effectively rejuvenate the face, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and contour areas with excess fat. Endermologie® stimulates the skin and underlying fat to soften them. This stimulation targets fat and promotes blood and lymphatic circulation. Endermologie® gently stimulates the skin to activate fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are triggered to produce new collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin to naturally restore the thickness of the dermis, located beneath the surface of the skin. The med spa at Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery is proud to employ the only trained endermologie® therapists in the Capital District.

What Are the Benefits of endermolift™?

Endermolift™ can provide significant benefits for patients wanting to firm and tone areas of their face and/or body. Endermolift for the face and treatments for the body are customized to each patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals for optimal results. Endermologie® can improve a variety of cosmetic concerns by doing the following:

Face endermologie® Endermolift for Skin Rejuvenation

Endermologie® can minimize the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, enhance facial contours, revitalize the areas around the eyes, and refine your complexion.

Endermologie® Endermolift uses micro-pulsations over the entire face and neck that gently massage and stimulate delicate facial skin. A series of treatments are provided over the course of several months to reach a result plateau. Our patients appreciate their rejuvenated appearance* so much that many continue with several maintenance endermologie® treatments each year to look their best. Our younger patients also use endermologie® as a preventative measure.

*Individual Results May Vary

Endermologie® for the Body

Endermologie® is a state-of-the-art treatment designed to reduce excess fatty tissue and the appearance of cellulite without surgery. By mobilizing the fluids of the body and stretching connective tissue, this treatment can improve your skin’s radiance while relaxing the muscles and softening scars. Dr. Steven Yarinsky also often recommends endermologie® after liposuction to maximize a patient’s body contouring results. As an added benefit, this treatment can be used to aid patients with minor muscle spasms or aches.

Endermologie® Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is one of the most common cosmetic concerns among our patients at Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery. With endermologie® treatments, patients can improve this “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” texture and achieve smoother skin. The treatment uses a specialized machine to gently suction massage the target area to increase blood circulation. By passing the innovative CELLU M6® treatment head over the surface of your skin, blood flow and lymphatic flow is stimulated.

Using a technique known as mechano-stimulation, fibroblasts and fat cells can be stimulated to lift tone and tighten the area treated. To maximize the results of Endermologie®, multiple treatment sessions are typically required. Treatments can be purchased individually, though Dr. Yarinsky also offers discounted packages of six to twenty treatments. Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery is proud to employ the only trained Endermologie® therapists in the Capital District.

Endermologie® Fat Reduction

Endermologie® can be used to reduce fat deposits that are resistant to the traditional methods of weight loss. If you still retain isolated areas of fat in spite of diet and exercise, *this treatment can help you achieve a slimmer, more sculpted figure while also smoothing and firming the skin. To maximize the results of endermologie®, multiple treatment sessions are typically required.

*Individual Results May Vary

What Side Effects Are Associated with endermologie®?

One of the major benefits of endermologie® is the treatment has no side effects. This is possible due to the non-invasive nature of the process. The treatment feels like a deep massage, and our patients often report feeling very relaxed during their session. Contraindications to having treatments include being pregnant; having varicose veins located within the planned area for treatment, blood clots (thrombosis), or a history of blood clots; taking blood thinners; or having cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

How Much Does endermologie® Cost?

The cost of endermologie® depends upon the areas being treated and extent of the patient’s needs. Treatments can be purchased individually, though Dr. Yarinsky also offers discounted packages of four, twelve and twenty treatments. The details of your endermologie® treatment plan, including treatment fees, will be thoroughly discussed with you during your consultation.

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