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Healthy Skin Care Club

Maintaining healthy skin is the basis of any beauty regimen. Dr. Steven Yarinsky and the team at Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery are highly experienced in performing a wide range of minimally invasive skin treatments at our medispa to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy complexion. To make your monthly skin care treatments easier and more affordable, we have created an exclusive Healthy Skin Care Club that provides a number of wellness benefits. Learn how our Healthy Skin Care Club can help you look and feel your best by visiting the sections below.

Healthy Skin Care Club Member Benefits

As part of your membership in the Healthy Skin Care Club, you can choose from one of our monthly skin care treatment options, which range from chemical peels and microdermabrasion to laser facials and vein treatments. You can also look forward to the following incentives:

*See contract for terms and conditions of each membership type.

Monthly Skin Care Treatment Options

Every month, you can choose from one of the following services for your membership treatment:

Glycolic Peel with Endermolift™

Our glycolic peel is a three-step procedure combining dermaplaning for exfoliation, chemical peel and cryogenic therapy. Endermolift™ provides multidimensional stimulation on the skin’s surface to support collagen production. This detoxifying treatment is ideal for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, laxity and dullness.

SkinMedica® Illuminize Peel

A superficial chemical peel for mild imperfections to enhance your skin and provide radiance and a healthy glow.

SkinMedica® Vitalize Peel

A deeper chemical peel for mild to moderate skin imperfections. Two days post treatment your skin cells will begin to turnover (your skin will peel) for three to five days. This treatment will aid in the improvement of hyperpigmentation, evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion with Infusion

DiamondTome™ microdermabrasion exfoliates using crystal-free diamond-tipped wands to remove the outer layer of dead skin for smoother texture and promote growth of healthy new skin cells. After exfoliation your skin will receive an additional therapy using serums and the new Hydro Wand® infusion system to allow deeper product penetration. You may choose one of the following infusion serums:

Laser Genesis V

This is our trifecta of machines. Genesis V is a non-ablative laser facial using heat to gently warm the skin’s surface. This amazing technology safely, naturally and effectively treats fine lines, wrinkles, reduces redness, scars, pigmentation concerns, reduces pore size and stimulates superficial collagen.


Sclerotherapy is a 30-minute treatment that treats spider veins on the legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Club Membership?

We encourage all our patients to have a healthy skin care regimen. Membership allows you to stay on track while budgeting your time and money. Our memberships are an investment in a healthy, happier you.

Why Sign up with Our Office?

The selection of services are corrective and preventative and focus on multiple facial concerns at an amazing price. Our experienced staff is trained to provide treatments safely and expertly to help you reach your skin care goals.

How Much Does a Membership Cost?

$125.00 per month or $1,500.00 advance payment for full contract.

I Can’t Make It Every Month, What Happens to the Month I Missed?

For 1-Year Memberships you have the option to “freeze” your account once for up to three months for any reason (for instance if you spend time on vacation or are a ‘snow bird’). For 2-year memberships there is no “account freeze” option due to the extended contract time.

Why a Monthly Treatment Plan?

Our skin cells regenerate about every 30 days. Monthly treatments allow you to maintain the integrity of your skin and also improve texture, tone and the overall look of your skin.

How Long Is My Commitment?

One or two years depending on the membership you choose.

How Are My Payments Processed?

We auto-charge a credit card or debit card of your choice on the first of every month within the 1-Year Membership, and for the 2-Year Membership it is charged for the first 6 months of each contract year. A confirmation receipt will be emailed to you monthly.

Can I Pay for the Year Membership All at Once?

Yes. Anyone wishing to pay in full is welcome to. Those who do will also receive a complimentary 60-minute massage and a gift from our estheticians to assist with your home care regimen.

How Do I Enroll in the Healthy Skin Care Club?

We welcome you to come in and sign up. All you need is a valid photo ID and a credit or debit card.

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