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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to give our patients the ultimate in care, to “make them look and feel special”! They may feel special after benefiting from the results of cosmetic surgery done at our office. They may feel special because of the care and treatment our staff gives them before, during, and after their cosmetic procedure. We must never forget that serving our patients, fulfilling their every need, and maintaining their comfort always come first. We will strive to over-exceed their expectations.

Our Staff Goals

Our Staff Values

Our work serves our patients.

We expect our work to make a difference in the quality of life of our patients. To that end, we try to discover what is most important, and focus our resources for the greatest, most enduring benefit. In doing this we continually remind ourselves of the inherent worth of all people. We consider it our responsibility to be attentive to the needs of all of our patients.

Our patients are our valued guests who should always enjoy a warm relaxed ambiance in our office. We attempt to fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our patients.

In order to make a difference and to be unique, we must be pioneers in our field, contributors of knowledge educating the public, creators of solutions to our patient’s problems, explorers of ideas that might improve patient care, and take the risk of going the extra mile for our patients.

Our mission and our patients deserve our best.

We expect our service to our patients to be worthy, vigorous, resourceful, courteous, and reliable. In the pursuit of our mission, we intend to be a healthy, creative organization with the financial and inner resources needed to produce our best work.

We require ourselves to abide by the highest professional standards and to look beyond the letter of professional guidelines to their spirit. This includes being forthright and candid with every patient, and with the managing office staff and physicians. We must scrupulously guard the confidentiality of sensitive personal and organization information, and truthfully represent our capabilities to the public and prospective patients. Our cosmetic surgery staff members are empowered to be guided by these standards whether they are in the office, community, or at home.

Our organization is a good place to work.

To demand the best of ourselves, and to attract, stimulate and keep the best people, we have an environment that will support innovation, experimentation, and the taking of appropriate risks to change. Today’s business cannot be done using yesterday’s methods with the expectation to stay in business tomorrow. Each staff member is encouraged to participate in the continuous improvement of the services we provide.

We prize the creative participation of each member of our staff. We welcome the open exchange of ideas and foster the practice of careful listening. We have a duty to actively encourage the personal well-being and the professional development of every person who works here. We will, therefore, maximize the authority and responsibility each person has to continue to make an even greater contribution. Our policies are implemented openly, sensitively, and consistently.

We do our work with regard for one another.

We recognize the interdependence of everyone who works here and treat one another with respect, candor, kindness, and a sense of the importance of teamwork. We foster a spirit of service within the staff so that we may better serve our patients and our community at large.

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