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Can Blepharoplasty Get Rid of Tired-Looking Eyes?


Anyone can be affected by tired-looking eyes, even well-rested and energized individuals. The natural aging process can often cause the eyelids to stretch and the muscles supporting them to weaken. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can be a highly effective procedure that helps correct a variety of cosmetic concerns […]

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How to Fix a Broken Nose


Your nose is one of the most commonly injured areas of your face, often caused by sports or a fall. This can be an alarming feature to break due to its effect on breathing and the prominent role it plays in one’s facial appearance. If you experience trauma to the […]

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10 Steps to a Successful Facelift

Today’s skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon knows that getting the best results from any cosmetic operation requires a customized surgical plan for each patient. Facelift surgery is particularly challenging, since patients differ widely in their underlying facial structure as well as the extent of their visible aging. According to an article […]

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