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Dr. Yarinsky Attends Advanced Injector Therapy Meeting

Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS was one of less than 80 physicians from around the world who attended the inaugural Swift Beauty Masterclass in Advanced Injector Therapy held September 28-30 at the Nestle Shield Center in New York City. Taught by world renowned Montreal plastic surgeon Arthur Swift, MD and Oculoplastic surgeon Stephen Fagien, MD, the course included live patient training in new facial filler and Botox® techniques designed to produce the optimum cosmetic results while minimizing complications. The mission of the course was to help attendees to become the best in their specialty and locale while showing tips and tricks to produce exceptional injectable results. While featuring new techniques the focus was on delivering the highest level of care and safety to patients.

Dr. Yarinsky has long been recognized as an “Expert Injector” by New Beauty Magazine and personally provides all injectable services for facial rejuvenation at Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC. He attended the course to network with experts to learn and incorporate the latest injectable techniques into his practice to achieve the best possible results with rejuvenating, restoring and maintaining his patients’ youthful beauty. As a plastic surgeon with 30 years’ experience, Dr. Yarinsky provides cosmetic surgery such as face, neck, eyelid and forehead lifts. However he has found that the injectable filler and relaxer therapies are great not only to kick his cosmetic surgery results up a notch, but also to benefit those patients who would never consider having cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearances. Dr. Yarinsky is well respected and his services are sought by patients and other healthcare providers throughout the Albany Capital District Region, Upstate New York and Vermont. He is known for his comprehensive facial rejuvenation consultation and signature take-home Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Plan. Whether a patient is considering non-surgical or cosmetic surgery facial enhancement, Dr. Yarinsky designs an individualized treatment program to satisfy a patients’ needs and desires to look and feel their best.

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