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Why Bother with Cosmetic Surgery?

A prospective patient recently e-mailed Dr. Yarinsky with the following question:

Q: I hate my nose but I keep chickening out on consultations. All of my friends keep telling me that plastic surgery is something people do if they’re shallow and have no self-esteem and I know that’s not true but it’s really messing with my self-perception on a more psychological level…

Dr. Yarinsky answered:

A: All of our staff and I, in particular, understand where you are coming from. But there is truly no harm in coming in to see me and finding out more about your options. Modern cosmetic plastic surgery is designed to help you and everyone I operate upon feel better about those areas that bother them.  As long as I feel I can provide you with the changes in nose shape that you desire, if your nose appearance is truly “messing with your self-perception”, I am sure that you will truly love your results. And so will all those who see you afterwards. Please call and let us know when the time is right and you feel comfortable seeing me.  Computer imaging is done at no additional charge during your consultation visit so that you can preview how great you might look! My office promises to provide you with a psychologically warm, comfortable environment to fulfill your needs.  We care about you!

Steven Yarinsky, MD

P.S. For over 28 years I have helped those just like you to take care of and improve what they perceive as a “problem area” and they go on to lead more fulfilled lives. What used to bother them before their cosmetic enhancement becomes a non-issue for the rest of their lives. They look great and feel better about themselves. Their self-esteem soars. I chose cosmetic plastic surgery as a specialty because I have an artistic passion to help those in need and I really enjoy the satisfaction of seeing positive changes in a patient’s psyche when they return for their follow-up visits.

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