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Are Sientra® Breast Implants Right for Me?

new york breast implantsThe ideal candidate for Sientra® breast implants is a woman who wants larger breasts, has poor soft tissue coverage (has thin skin and a thin layer of her own breast tissue and chest wall muscle), and does not object to the slightly longer incision required and associated scar that results. Additionally, she must accept the higher cost of Sientra® implants versus the saline-filled.

If saline or older style, gel-filled breast implants are used by a woman with thin, natural breast tissue and thin muscle coverage, rippling is often palpable and/or visible. The thicker, firmer gel stabilizes the shape of the Sientra® implant so the augmented breast has a smoother shape with less visible or palpable rippling compared with saline or older style gel implants. When it comes to the shape of the implants, use of round versus teardrop-shaped Sientra® implants is the patient’s choice. This choice will depend on whether she wants more or less upper breast fullness (cleavage). Women who desire more upper breast fullness, without wearing a push-up bra, benefit from round Sientra® implants. The teardrop-shaped Sientra® implant is filled with an even firmer silicone gel, and this is designed for women who want a more contoured, natural breast silhouette with less upper breast fullness.

We also have women choose their breast implant volume – within reason and within the limits of what their natural breast shape and chest wall can accommodate. Once volume is chosen, the choice of a low, moderate, or high profile (more forward projecting) implant is based on a woman’s natural breast width. While we can’t guarantee a bra cup size after their breast augmentation (since even the bra companies have not standardized cup sizes), we do guarantee that we will use the implant shape and size a woman chooses to achieve the result that she desires.

Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS

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