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Preview Your Breast Augmentation and Cosmetic Surgery Results in 3 Dimensions with Crisalix 3D Imaging

What if you could see your before and potential after pictures before committing to the procedure you’ve been considering? That would not only positively excite you but help you with your decision making. At Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, you can do just this with our exciting new Crisalix 3D imaging technology. As an official ­Crisalix surgeon, Dr. Steven Yarinsky incorporates this tool into surgical consultations to create 3D and 4D simulations of patients’ projected results. By utilizing this advanced system, Dr. Yarinsky says he can help patients better understand what to expect from their procedure, as well as more closely customize their treatment to their aesthetic goals. Patients who choose cosmetic surgery with realistic expectations are more likely to be overall satisfied with their results.

To begin the Crisalix simulation process, Dr. Yarinsky first scans/photographs a patient’s breast, face or body to capture images that are then uploaded to the technology’s secure website. The images are then transformed by Dr. Yarinsky into 3D simulations of the patient’s face or body, allowing them to visualize their cosmetic enhancement—even after leaving our office. Using the Crisalix virtual reality feature, patients can also “try on” clothing over their results for an even more realistic, 4D view of their potential outcome. You can also “try on” all the different brands, sizes, shapes and styles of breast implants virtually to see the resulting enhancement to your figure on your own body!

By offering the advanced capabilities of Crisalix imaging technology, Dr. Yarinsky says patients can make more informed decisions about their treatment, which ultimately increases patient satisfaction following surgery. To learn more about Crisalix, and to schedule your consultation to begin your cosmetic surgery journey, contact Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery.

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