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Do Breasts Return to Normal After Pregnancy?

The female body goes through many changes during and after pregnancy. While some body areas will return to their pre-baby shape, others may not. Many women notice that their breasts have changed after childbirth, such as increasing or decreasing in size, beginning to sag, and/or developing stretch marks. In addition, post-pregnancy breasts may begin to look uneven or asymmetrical. Some mothers will see their breasts bounce back to their pre-pregnancy appearance, but the majority of women will notice lasting changes. In general, breasts will typically revert to their baseline volume when a mother reaches her pre-pregnancy weight. In many cases, however, breasts may change shape or size and look different for the long-term. 

Certain factors will influence the likelihood of permanent breast changes after pregnancy, such as a mother’s age, their genetics, and how many pregnancies they have previously had. Once the body has recovered from pregnancy and breastfeeding has ceased, many women consider plastic surgery to help restore their pre-baby body and to enhance their breasts. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Yarinsky, performs a variety of procedures designed for the unique needs of mothers. Breast augmentation and lift surgeries are both common among women who want to restore depleted breast volume and lift sagging skin that resulted from pregnancy. For those interested in treating several areas of their body that have changed after pregnancy, Dr. Yarinsky can design a custom mommy makeover plan.

Pregnancy and motherhood can be an extremely rewarding part of life, but many women struggle psychologically with postpartum body changes. If you are unhappy with the appearance of certain areas of your body after pregnancy and breastfeeding, you may be a good candidate for plastic surgery. Dr. Yarinsky strives to help women not only restore their pre-baby body, but feel a renewed sense of self-confidence.  While the best time to do a breast enhancement after pregnancy is when you reach your long-term stable body weight, many women choose to consult with Dr. Yarinsky soon after their pregnancy to plan for their future needs and desires.  Consider your options to look and feel your best by contacting Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation with Dr. Yarinsky.

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