Meet the Staff

Our staff members are all hand-picked by Dr. Yarinsky to assist you with all your cosmetic medicine needs. Our patient coordinator Jennifer, and her staff are here to take your incoming phone call, assist with scheduling your consultation and surgery, and with financing your procedure. Our patient coordinator will meet with you at your initial consultation. Our office manager June is available to help you with health insurance claim filing and reimbursement issues, should your procedure be non-cosmetic in nature. Our head nurse Holley will assist you with scheduling your procedure, educating you about before and after care and prescription use, and will follow you through your recovery both by phone and in person with Dr. Yarinsky. Our other nurses, Sara, Holly, and Vickie are here to assist you the day of your procedure and may also see you at your follow-up appointments. In our MediSpa, Christina is our NYS licensed massage therapist and both she and Jennifer have received special training and have great experience with Endermolifts non-surgical “face lifts”and with Endermologie Lipomassage cellulite reduction treatments. Joanne is our skin care specialist, advising you on a home and office treatment program using advanced medical skin care products, microdermabrasion and BioMedic micropeels to improve and correct a variety of skin problems. Plus Joanne has had over 13 years of experience in laser hair removal and now uses the latest ‘gold standard’ LightSheer laser to achieve superlative results. Sally is our sclerotherapy and Aura laser nurse here to help you with leg spider veins, face capillaries, hyperpigmentation and rosacea managagement.

Our experienced and talented staff are here to provide you with an exceptional experience and outcome. Please feel free to call on them anytime you have questions. Although they can usually answer all your questions and concerns, Dr. Yarinsky is always happy to personally take your call as well. We strive to be your MediSpa and center for cosmetic medicine. So use us as a resource for questions you might have about any procedure available to help you look and feel your best. We are truly at your service.

Driving Directions

Many of Dr. Yarinsky’s patients drive from nearby cities seeking his expertise in plastic surgery. For your convenience, we have provided directions to our office from the following locations: